Save The Queen! dresses, t-shirts, jackets, coats, skirts, pants and accessories: the entirely Made in Italy prêt-à-porter brought right to your door!.

Do you like shopping online? You don’t have time to go round the shops? Do you love colours, hand-designed prints and fabrics and embroidery all exclusively Made in Italy? Discover the scene-stealing Save The Queen! collections spawned by the romantic and dreamy creativity of the brand’s inventor, Elena Fantini. Are you looking for a dress to brighten up a day at the office? Is there a ceremony coming up? Create your outfit in just a few simple clicks and enter the fantastic world of Save the Queen!

What is “Save The Queen!”?

“Save the Queen! is a dream itinerary which brings forgotten values back to light through people, places and symbols. Art, nature, distant peoples and cultures . . . Every collection is a guiding thread of sensations around a theme that rediscovers lost treasures aligned to the trends of the moment. And the dress is the painting where these images take shape.” Elena Fantini

A fun and relaxing buying experience: the shopping and services of Save The Queen!

An intuitive, handy and convenient online shop. As well as excellent prices, customers can also buy top-quality clothing in total security and 24/7. You can try the items in the comfort of your own home, checking the size, the colour and the quality, and – if you want – return them free of charge within 14 days. You can also choose the payment method most convenient for you, for example with the pay on delivery option which is available all over Italy.